Top Simple Settings Mistakes That Are Killing Your R6/R5 Battery Life By Up To 40%

 LP-E6NH batteries that shipped with the EOS R6/R5 provide 13% more power then prior canon batteries. This is great because the R6 and R5 require a lot of power to operate normally. However if you have the wrong settings you might be unwittingly cutting you operational time down as much as 40%.  

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Here is a list of basic settings that might be killing your batteries. 

Continuous AF (AF 1 item number 5)

Continuous Autofocus is a battery killer like none other. When on it will be constantly searching for focus regardless if the shutter button is being pressed or not. All of the unnecessary lens focusing causes the Lens AF motor to drain the battery. 

Disp. Performance (Red Camera 8 item 2)

Display performance controls the refresh rate in your viewfinder. If you have the smooth option selected you are at a higher refresh rate and burning more power than you might otherwise need to use. For sports the smooth setting is a must but for many other photographers this might not be worth the drain on the battery. It should also be noted that the back screen uses much less power than the viewfinder due to a lower refresh rate. 

Airplane mode and wifi connections (wifi 1) 

If you use the canon connect app don’t expect to get great battery life. Using Canon connect with bluetooth or wifi is a quick way to kill your R6 battery. While using the app the camera is required to put out a wifi signal that draws on extra power. And don’t forget to turn off the GPS settings as well while you are in this menu. 

Power savings (Wrench 2 item 6) 

Power savings is the screen saver but for your EOS R6. You should have a reasonable display off and auto power off set up. There is little reason to have the camera on for extended periods of time if you are not using it. 

Other things that might be killing your Canon R6 battery life. 

Cold weather conditions can zap the life of any batteries. Make sure to keep your camera at a reasonable room temperature for best results. Display brightness will also play a small role in how fast your camera dies. ECO MODE is great if you are casually strolling around but I would not recommend it for shooting an event. Most photographers will have at least one if not two backup batteries.

How many shots should you be getting?

These are some of the top reasons why your camera might be dying faster than you think it should. Most Canon R6 owners will find that they can get between 1500- 2500 photos from one battery.