Canon RF 50mm F1.8 STM

A normal persons review of the

We're going to be going over the 50mm RF 1.8 stm and this is a very capable lens and some of the goods, the bads, the sharpness and some of the photos.


The 50mm 1.8 STM lens although being very capable is also very cheap and for a cheap price point you just can't get everything so what are you sacrificing for the small capacity and the price point. The very first thing you'll notice just like the EF glass is that there is vignetting around it. I wish this is one of the things that they would have changed and actually fixed but they didn't.

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Next thing this lens is very very soft at 1.8. The overall sharpness is very very soft and it only focuses in a small area in the very center. The build quality is an upgrade from the EF version however it does not have any of the weather sealing that comes with many of the other RF lenses. It does however have a coupling that is made of metal so that's a plus it does come with an STM motor in it to get focus and it does kind of struggle in some situations.

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For the most part the RF 50mm 1.8 does do the job but it makes it a much more casual. With that being said I was able to get some wonderful photos with this lens. The minimum focusing distance is very close to the end of the lens so it is able to blow out the background even more simply because it is so much closer to the subject.