Canon Wedding Photography Set Up

For less than the EOS R6

One of the first steps for many professional photographers is Event and specifically wedding photography! For the aspiring photographer getting the right gear can seem like a big problem. So the gear below is a list of Canon Mirrorless cameras set up that will cost you less money than the new Canon EOS R6 released in 2020. 



There are two routes you can take. One is to get one zoom lens and work with that. I don’t advise this for reasons we will discuss later. Or you can get two very good prime lenses and take much higher quality photos at a lower price point but requiring you to work a little bit harder to get the framing of the photos just right. 


The camera in this list is the Canon EOS RP this camera is a full frame and has enough dynamic range to create wonderful photos of the happy couples special day. This Canon Mirrorless camera is easy to master and has the exact amount of customizations required for event photography. I will require some extra batteries and other than that is almost identical to the EOS R for a fraction of the price. 




The lenses are a personal choice. If you get a zoom lens you will be sacrificing overall image quality low light capabilities and creative flexibility. What you are gaining is the ability to not have to move to adjust image framing and  you will also have to change lenses constantly. If you go with two prime lenses which I highly recommend you should do you will gain a lower F-stop, sharper image quality, better low light performance and often more functions. (example a EF 100mm f2.8 macro is able to shoot wonderful portraits and also do macro photography)  FOR THE RECOMMENDED set up we have listed the RF 35mm F 1.8 and the RF 85mm F2. These will give you a beautiful portrait lens and a wonderful wide angle lens. 




Canon RP

Battery Grip


SD card

RF 85mm

RF 35mm


rechargeable batteries

Camera Bag